The Business Women’s Whisperer

Let's Work Together For a Season

You have worked hard to get where you are

navigating the many obstacles life has thrown your way.

But now it's time for a new season...

Make no mistake, I’ve done the hard yards in business, grown startups from scratch that have gone on to be worth millions of dollars, and I’ve utilised a range of coaches and mentors myself along the way.

There have been times when I’ve worked like a MoFo and hustled hard to get done what needed to be done in order for my businesses to grow, and there have been times when I’ve completely lacked motivation to do anything at all, because I’d reached burnout.


I’ve literally experienced it all. The highs, the lows, and all the bits in between. Throw motherhood and a divorce into the mix, and there really isn’t a day to day situation that I haven’t had to overcome in my journey over the past 15 years as a business owner and entrepreneur.


I’m a high achiever with the business results and the bank account, and I only do this type of work with other high achieving women who are looking to make the next Quantum Leap forward, in business, life, or both.


The culmination of these experiences means I’m a high level, skilled advisor. 


I am The Business Woman’s Whisperer, and I help you get results, because I GET the real you, and what it takes to achieve them.


This level of coaching is definitely for an intelligent, resourceful woman who knows they need the type of support from an Entrepreneur who is blazing the trail and navigating territory that may be unfamiliar to them.


Our agreement is an agreement about you creating your own success, your own results and being willing to do the work, and expand beyond where you have been before.  We don’t accept excuses when you agree to play a big game, but we have big hearts to hold you through the challenges and struggles.

The Real Rachael, is exactly that.  It’s just you and me.  One on one.  No groups, no scrolling Facebook looking for that zoom link… this is me and you and the bigger possibilities without distraction. There is no time to be listening in a group setting to other peoples questions, waiting your turn (which is a popular model for coaching).  In this paradigm of unique success we are laser coaching with a speed model that will bring you more .. and have you be more .. in less time.

If I see you as as a client, it’s good news! It means I can see, and likely feel (I am gifted at that)  the potential of you, your idea and your business vibe.  I have so much experience with so many entrepreneurs and business owners that I have learned to spot a winner.

Because no two women and their ideas are ever the same, the work I do inside sessions with each client varies.

We’ll work powerfully together in one 3 ways. I’ll help you decide which way is going to move the needle for you right now when we have our first chat:

Make today the day you draw a line in the sand.

Option 1: 90 Day Success Season

Like all things in life .. everything needs a season in a cycle, or it leads to burnout …

We work in seasons, so there’s time to plan, to to hustle, to be in flow, and then there’s time to rest

 – One of my 12 “Do’s” of creating a Kick Ass 7 figure business is to hustle intermittently. This means working in cycles of 90 days, rather than trying to bite off a whole year, or 5, at a time.

Things can change dramatically over the course of a year, particularly if you have motherhood in the mix along with your business and relationships.

If you are anything like me, 90 days is long enough to kick some butt and get things done, stay inspired – but not long enough to start heading into burnout. 

After 90 days, you rest for a week with the 7 days off we planned for you at the start of your success season.   

After that time, you can come back and start a new season with me, or you can head off and kick some more butt solo because you have what you came for!  You’ll be in your own power, Queen of your own life and empire.

– The 90 day season consists of:

  • Pre season planning and expectation session 1-hour, plus behavioural profiling and strengths testing to help you start working in alignment with your best attributes, your gifts and finding your authentic success path..

    In the following 2 weeks you will complete your Visioning documents and submit them back to me where they will be used for creating your pathway forward.
  •  progress review, accountability, and forward momentum sessions – 1 hour each, every second week. Here we’ll check on your implementation over the previous 2 weeks, identify anything that got in the way, work on any limiting beliefs, set the action steps and goals for the next weeks, and make sure they align with the vision. 

Post season reflection and celebration session – 1 hour. Here we celebrate everything you have achieved over the past 90 days!

90 Day Season Price $7500 AUD plus GST payment in full, or 3 x payments of $2800 AUD plus GST 

Option 2: VIP day Virtual (Zoom) Experience

-My one day VIP experiences are for those women who want to throw the book at traditional planning days and who know they want an immersive, future focused day dedicated to the growth of their business, themselves, or both. We set the tone and parameters of your VIP day on your initial intention setting call the week prior to your VIP Day experience which will set your VIP day up for success.

-Depending on your unique needs, wants, and goals we’ll likely start by removing some of the blocks identified in your pre VIP day call before we go deep into co-creating your vision and next brave moves.

-The VIP Day Virtual experience includes:

    • Pre VIP day Intention setting call – 30 mins
    • A full VIP Day (9am – 4pm approx with breaks in between) just you and me, focussed on designing your dream work and life, overcoming your fears, money blocks, and lining up your next brave moves. 
    • 2 x 30 minute private check-ins with me to be utilised within 60 days of your VIP client day experience

Package Price $6500 AUD Plus GST payment in full, or $2000 plus GST deposit and 2 x payments of $2700 plus GST

Option 3: 2 Day In person Ultimate VIP experience








-Having experienced it myself many times in the past 15 years, I’m a massive believer in removing yourself from your normal working/living environment in order to call in a clear vision, and then reverse engineer the steps required to execute on that vision. That is exactly what we co-create together in my 2 Day experiences.

-You get to utilise my skills as a visionary while we carefully craft a future for you that ensures your achiever gets a tick, your bank account gets a boost, and your lifestyle improves out of sight.

– You’ll walk away with a step by step action plan and instruction list of what to do and when to do it.

-You’ll be surprised what quick wins are achieved when you spend time with someone who’s walked the path ahead of you and can help you remove some of the roadblocks and barriers that have been holding back your business or personal growth.

-In my VIP days we go deep not just with strategies and tactics, but with the personal stuff too, so be prepared to go where you’ve never gone before in order to create a runaway you’ve never been on, and the one you’re about to take off from.

The 2 Day Ultimate VIP Experience includes:

  • Private 30 minute intention setting zoom call in the week leading up to your scheduled VIP DAYS. This will help us get super clear on the outcomes for our time together.
  • DAY 1 – One full VIP Day 10am – 4pm in a beautiful setting. We’ll have regular refreshment breaks, delicious morning and afternoon tea, and an irresistible lunch. You’ll leave the day excited, focussed, and most importantly, very clear on your next brave moves and the steps required to achieve your desired outcomes in business and or life. You’ll have the remainder of the day for personal time, to take a walk, read a book, or have a relaxing bath with a glass of champagne!
  • DAY 2 – We’ll meet in the morning for a connect and debrief, then you are off to start your indulgent spa day, with a rejuvenating body treatment, facial, and grounding pedicure. You’ll have the rest of the day for downtime, recalibration, and noting down thoughts and ideas, and then we’ll meet for dinner together to conclude your VIP experience. At dinner you’ll have the opportunity to ask any further clarifying questions you may have around the plan and actions items we agreed on for DAY 1.
  •  2 x 30 minute private zoom check-ins with me to be utilised in the 60 days after your ULTIMATE VIP EXPERIENCE
    • The location of your 2 Day Ultimate VIP Experience will be determined by us together prior to your Intention setting Zoom call. It will either be in one of my homes in Newcastle or Adelaide, Australia – (you’ll stay in gorgeous accommodation nearby), or in a classy hotel in one of the major cities along the east coast of Australia with good airport access. Think Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Goldcoast. 
    • You’ll pay for your airfares, I’ll include your accommodation, Day 1 Lunch, Day 2 Dinner, and Spa package in your VIP day package price.

Package Price $12 000 AUD plus GST payment in full, or $4000 AUD deposit plus 4 x payments of $2200 AUD plus GST.


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