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Those Two Brave Girls with Sarah Wills and Lise Carlaw


Starting a business takes a fair amount of bravery, but it takes a special type of bravery to jump headfirst into business with your best friend. I had the opportunity to speak with Lise and Sarah of Those Two Girls this week and we got down to what it really takes to make brave moves in our careers as women in our middle years.

There is the unfair misconception that women in their 40s are meant to slow down and close up shop when it’s actually quite the opposite. We should embrace this decade and continue to thrive and achieve our dreams and goals.

One of the biggest factors in being happy with your decisions is shedding the weight of other people’s views and opinions. To achieve great things and go places you’d never thought you would go, the voice you need to listen to is the one in your heart and also the one of your very best friend.

Lise and Sarah speak about the many resources they’ve made available to women in their 40s about what to expect in this next season of life and how to navigate it with grace and ease. By sharing the connection they have as best friends with the world in the form of podcasts and books, they have opened the door for other women entering their 40s to feel more in tune with themselves and how they can continue to burn brightly for decades to come. 

This episode is dripping with life-changing advice and you won’t want to miss it. Tune in now to hear how you can flourish after 40!


Sarah Wills and Lise Carlaw

Blasting onto the Australian media scene in 2017, Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills are a duo with a difference. Walking the line between smart and irreverent, they’ve interviewed household names in front of audiences of thousands, holding the mics on stage with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Zoe Foster Blake, the Hon. Julie Bishop, Leigh Sales, Celeste Barber and Urzila Carlson. Their extraordinary friendship and chemistry landed the pair local and national radio shows with the HIT Network.

In 2020, the year Lise and Sarah turned forty, they launched the podcast equivalent of a little black book for the middle years – FORTY. Six seasons in, and following much success, FORTY celebrates the life lessons and stories of popular and everyday women in their fifth decade. Past guests include Liane Moriarty, Ali Daddo, Sarah Wilson, Julie Goodwin, Mia Freedman, Kaz Cooke, and Leah Purcell.

In 2021 they launched their website The Forty Edit – a happy place where women in their middle years can listen, learn and find good stuff.

In 2022, and after more than a year in the making they published their first book with Echo Publishing. In Forty Favours the Brave, Lise and Sarah, along with women from all walks of life, share insightful tales about entering their forties and beyond: the lessons learned, heartbreaks survived, things they wish they’d known, relationship changes, confidence gained … and the surprising, wondrous joy of life in its second act.  Brimming with wit, honesty and relatable ‘aha!’ moments, Forty Favours the Brave is the ultimate coming-of-age reading for any woman approaching (or in) her forties. The real-life friends are on-air and on-stage presenters, sought-after MCs, and guest speakers. They’ve collaborated on brand campaigns and events with a range of companies including Suncorp, Foxtel, Wotif, Bras N Things, Queensland Government, Youngcare, Virgin Money, Business Chicks, SCA, LiSTNR, Brisbane City Council, Denada, Before You Speak Coffee, Nature’s Way, Frankie4, Mercedez Benz, and Triumph.

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