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Supporting Bravery in Women with Jacqueline Nagle


“The moment that you actually stop being apologetic and you own who you are, there’s great resistance from the outside world.” – Jacqueline Nagle

Mother of four and red wine enthusiast, Jacqueline Nagle, is setting the stage for brave women everywhere. As a person who loves language and communication, Jacqueline currently works with subject matter experts, assisting them to commercialize and create viable businesses through the lens of speaking, pitching, and sales.

Stepping into her confidence and fulfilling the roles she was meant to fulfill took a fair amount of bravery, as her story shows. To get where she is today, Jacqueline first had to learn how to find her voice and use it effectively. Being brave enough to make the small decisions that lead to something big is how she has found her success.

Realizing her bravery in her late twenties and really stepping into her voice shortly thereafter, Jacqueline learned that there are multiple facets of bravery and, sometimes, we must embody more than one. She has demonstrated internal bravery in her experiences by adjusting her leadership style to be more inclusive of those around her. She has also had to demonstrate bravery by showing up and being present for others in the face of heartbreaking tragedy.

Unfortunately, as women begin to embrace their bravery and bloom into who they are, the pushback and resistance they face can be difficult to navigate. For Jacqueline, the biggest struggle that came with that pushback was that it was not felt so much by men – who tended to stand beside her and champion her along – but by other women. For there to be true progress for women, we need to be brave enough as a collective to stand beside each other and lift each other up for our successes, no matter how big or small they may seem.

Listen to the full story here to get the scoop on the brave moves Jacqueline has made and how supporting the bravery of women is the first step to having a voice that is heard.

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Jacqueline Nagle

Jacqueline Nagle, CSP has forged a successful career dependent on redefinition, evolution, and left-field thinking.

Jacqueline has worked as trusted advisor to executives in some of Australia’s largest organizations, as well as with founders of dynamic rapid growth entrepreneurial pursuits. For 15 years, she has successfully trained and advised consultants, professionals, business owners, executives, and the C-suite in the crafts of speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiation, and positioning, and prides herself in conceptualizing and deploying strategies & projects that have driven rapid multiple-8-figure growth, not to mention her 100% success rate as an expert enterprise agreement negotiator.

Jacqueline has delivered training to several of Australia’s premier corporate brands, including Tattersalls (The Lott) and Anglicare. Her programs have been picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport (Olympic) Gold Medal Alumni Program in Canberra, and she has recently been awarded the global designation of Certified Speaking Professional.

With a diverse career crossing a plethora of professional services like mining, civil construction, manufacturing, traffic control, and industrial relations, Jacqueline has extensively used speaking-centric strategies to launch, pivot, and manage 8-figure growth and crises. Some of her accolades include selling businesses to ASX companies, taking on a hostile CEO installation, and securing a Hollywood A-Lister for a project – going down to a California Gag Order and very public receivership.

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