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Stand Up, Speak Out with Senator Sarah Hanson-Young


“Courage I think is the key essence of leadership. And you have to have courage if you want to lead. You have to have courage if you want to be an authentic leader.”

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young did not get into politics as a way to find fame and fortune. As she states, politics is not an easy job to have. Especially not as a single mother and a person who feels very deeply for others.

But there are so many lives that she touches through her ability to be the voice for those less fortunate and to stand up against injustice. It’s those lives that she is working to change for the better and so she continues her work in politics.

Her bravery in standing up for women in politics, standing against acts that harm the Earth, and speaking up for those who would otherwise be voiceless is not only notable, but also admirable.

She is affecting true change in the world despite the fact that it is supremely uncomfortable for her. But for her, bravery is a mixture of strength and vulnerability. Without that discomfort and that vulnerability, then there is no bravery.

Listen as she shares her story, her passions, and why she’s working so hard to make the world a better place, one policy at a time. Her thoughts on not just bravery, but also brave action, are ones that you certainly won’t want to miss.


Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

First elected to the Senate in 2007 at age 25, Sarah was the youngest woman to be elected to the Australian Parliament. Sarah has worked hard to represent her home state of South Australia and to give a voice to those too often forgotten.

Sarah believes our economy must deliver for both people and planet. She knows her generation is the first to see the impacts of climate change – and the last that can stop it. Sarah is a big believer that we all have a role to play in protecting our environment. To make the big, important changes the environment and humanity requires, means government and industry must work in collaboration with local communities to reduce pollution, become more sustainable and restore our endangered planet. Sarah is a strong advocate for making sure no-one is left behind as we transition to a cleaner and safer world.

Sarah has been elected four times, most recently in 2019 which saw her vote double. Sarah is more energised and determined than ever to take real action on climate change, protect the environment and encourage more women to become active in politics. Sarah holds the key Australian Greens portfolio of Environment & Water. She also holds the portfolios for Arts & Communications, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism.

In 2018, Sarah released her first book, En Garde, an intimate journey of her experience in politics.

In December 2019, Sarah won a #MeToo case against a former senator and is an outspoken advocate for women’s equality and respect.

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