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Pick Yourself – Brave Rave with Rach


“Fear is actually the first vital ingredient of bravery. Because without fear, we don’t get to summon our courage.”

At no point in my life has anyone ever tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey Rachael. Now’s the time to make your move.” That’s just not going to happen. There isn’t anyone out there looking out for us in such a way, which is why you have to pick yourself.

Seth Godin said, “Reject the tyranny of being picked, pick yourself.” And no truer words have been spoken. Aside from the fact that no one is going to alert you as to the right time to take action, what is it that makes us feel as if we need external validation to act?

Why are we constantly seeking approval from others before we make a brave move?

One of my very own super powers in life is being able to see the gaps in business or industry and fill them. I haven’t waited for anyone else’s approval before taking action. I have also taken a very masculine approach to building my business in that I’ve leaned into hustle when I probably shouldn’t have.

We as women are not encouraged to think of our feminine intuition and energy as strengths. But they are! I want to empower you to listen to your instincts and understand what they are telling you.

I also want to empower you to leave the waiting area and take action. Each day, find a way to pick yourself in a way that gets you closer to your goals and dreams. Remember, no one is coming to hand opportunities to you. You have to find them and be willing to take action when they present themselves.

How will you pick yourself today?


Rachael Evans

Your host, Rachael Evans is the DISRUPTOR of traditional bravery. As a world-leading VISIONARY, BUSINESS PIONEER, SPEAKER, AUTHOR and ADVISOR who is making waves across the globe with her revolutionary RE-DEFINITION of Bravery.

She has led a career of DISRUPTION in male-dominated global industries, carving out pathways and opening doors for scores of women to walk through and stand beside her.

She is the CEO and founder of Brave Media Network, an innovative collective leading a new, paradigm-shifting revolution of IMPACT, SUPPORT, EMPOWERMENT and BRAVERY in all spaces where women live, lead and strive.


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