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Olympian to Brand Ambassador: The Brave Story of Giaan Rooney


“Many decisions we make in life are very brave when you look back with a bit of perspective.”

At a young age, Giaan Rooney had a successful career as a professional swimmer, achieving dozens of awards and three Olympic medals, one of which was gold in 2004. After retiring at the age of 23 she furthered her career through radio and TV, being a brand ambassador, speaking events and empowering women.

Giaan embodied bravery early in her swimming career by challenging her inner critic and showing up as the best version of herself. She also took a brave leap into a fresh perspective to reignite her passion for swimming.

As a mother to two young children, Giaan had embraced a new role of bravery in finding a balance between motherhood and self fulfillment. By allowing herself to focus on her career to gain a sense of self, she finds the ability to be a better parent to her children.

Giaan encourages women to be brave by taking more time to themselves. There are so many demands in today’s society that we often struggle to set boundaries for ourselves or set aside time for ourselves, especially as mothers and women.

Giaan does not plan for her future, rather she awaits what the future brings with open arms. Because of this, she rarely sees the opportunities that have come her way and she loves living in the spontaneity that life offers.

Listen in to hear her story and see what bravery looks like to her.


Giaan Rooney

As a former darling of Australian Swimming, Giaan holds medals at every level of competition, including an Olympic Gold. In 2006, Giaan retired from swimming to forge a successful career as an Australian TV presenter.

Giaan’s high profile broadcast involvement with Channel 7 has included the Brisbane News team, 2018 Commonwealth Games, 2016 Rio Olympics, Australian Open coverage, commentator for the Australian Swimming Championships, and presenter on the House of Wellness. Giaan has previously spent years with Channel Nine where she was involved across a range of shows including a co-anchor of Wide World of Sports, presenting stories on Getaway, Postcards, the 2010 Winter Olympics, 2012 London Olympics, Nine’s Spring Racing Coverage and the Today Show weather.

In 2005 Giaan was awarded with the Order of the Medal of Australia and in 2006 was named the Captain of the Australian National Swimming Team.


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