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Making Brave Decisions with Kiri-Maree Moore


“I don’t always take the most trodden road, but I take the right road for what I’m designed for and what I’m called to do in life.” – Kiri-Maree Moore

Kiri-Maree Moore was born in New Zealand, lived most of her life in Australia, and has spent the last several years traveling the world. As a young girl, she was often spoken down to and told that she was different, not smart enough, and didn’t think like other people.

Nothing in Kiri’s life was handed to her and she had to work very hard to excel in her life, despite those who told her she could never be more than what they thought she was. She tackled her introversion and shyness head-on as she learned what it meant to be brave, stand confidently, and live the purpose she was meant for.

In 2012, she founded Decision Velocity Global where she assists entrepreneurs by helping them break through their fears, insecurities, and past baggage to take them to the next level of their businesses and mindsets. Her model focuses on decision-making and removing indecision from business to bring big results to her clients.

By taking control of her life and her purpose she found what it meant to be a brave woman and to be confident in her voice. With confidence in hand, she faces failures and mistakes head on with the bravery to confront things rather than run from them.

She started from being told as a young girl that she would not amount to anything and by taking hold of her life in a brave way, she is now changing the lives of entrepreneurs and helping them bring the best versions of themselves to their businesses. Listen in to hear her story and what bravery looks like to her.


Kiri-Maree Moore

Kiri-Maree Moore is known as a pioneer with her cutting edge to the new approach to leadership across the global landscape. Looking through the lens of “Humanity as Stakeholders.” Humanity – being you + I. Stakeholders – the investment in human capital. Where every decision adds value to the human race going forward. Kiri-Maree is comfortable with the uncomfortable. A future thinker. With her revolutionary mastery to design collaborative ecosystems to create solution pathways. She is a leader who leads. She role models the impact of this success through the companies + initiatives she runs.

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