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Living Life Courageously with Caroline Brunne


“It takes bravery to identify when you have overcome something, and also to claim the survival and the thriving of that point in time.” – Caroline Brunne

For nearly twenty years, Caroline Brunne has been serving busy professionals by offering strategic life management. In 2017, she founded Organise.Curate.Design which allowed her to relieve the mental load of her clients and help them streamline their businesses.

Caroline’s professional journey has taken her through a wave of successes. From author to artist to business owner, she has embodied the true meaning of living life with intention.

But in her debut memoir, she shines light on a very bittersweet truth that more than one thing can be true as her successes live side by side with pain-staking grief. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Caroline is paving the way for trauma victims to heal and find their own voices.

By being open about her trauma and being brave enough to share her story, Caroline demonstrates that the first big step to healing and success is vulnerability. Vulnerability gives rise to courage and courage, in turn, gives rise to change.

As the world around us constantly changes, we too must be willing to change and all change begins with courage. Caroline speaks on courageous intention and the role it plays in our lives, allowing us to show up in the most authentic versions of ourselves. Listen in to hear Caroline’s perspective on bravery and how she embodies it in her day-to-day life.


Caroline Brunne

Caroline is the founder of Organise.Curate.Design, a life management agency with a focus on assisting people to streamline their life in order to refocus their time on what matters to them the most.

Caroline is also a professional speaker, successful artist, model, mother, and is the host of a suite of podcasts including She Inspires Me and Growing Pains. Her work as one of Australia’s most prominent lifestyle consultants has been featured in Channel 7’s Sunrise, Mamma Mia, Women’s Health, Channel Nine News and Body & Soul.


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