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Creating Brave Change-Makers with Kylie Ryan


“Bravery means being terrified and moving forward, regardless, it means moving forward to something greater…”

When you’ve faced your own trauma and found a path out of the darkness that works, what’s your next step? For Kylie Ryan, she decided to help others do the same. Kylie left behind a life filled with emotional baggage, overeating, substance use, and debt to become a Registered Clinical NLP Coach & Trainer and now has more than 15 years of experience.

She loves working with entrepreneurs looking to make huge waves and facilitate change throughout the world. But it hasn’t always been easy.

Kylie has made many courageous decisions in her life and each one brings her closer and closer to her purpose. For her bravery means being terrified, which she has been many times in her life, and moving forward regardless.

From working through many tough times with her spouse and trusting him to love her regardless of her background, to making massive life changes for herself, Kylie doesn’t back away from a good challenge.

She’s now navigating the world of business and motherhood while continuing to learn and build her skills in various areas of coaching.

If you have massive goals and are stuck on how to reach them, Kylie is the coach for you. Creating change in the world is not for the faint of heart. It requires skill, bravery, compassion, courage, and tenacity.

Listen in to hear her story and to dig into some of the brave moves she’s already made and what she’s looking forward to in the future.


Kylie Ryan

Kylie Ryan is a Master Mindset Coach, Coach Trainer, Speaker & Singer who helps change-makers & leaders to live their mission powerfully. She specializes in working with soul-lead entrepreneurs who empower human transformation, and create positive change globally.

After her own personal health and life transformation 18 years ago, Kylie became a passionate student of Human Behaviour Change and Sustainable Transformation.  Over the years, she has helped thousands of clients to clients to transform their bodies, reduce stress, heal emotional pain, step into their power and unleash their true voice to grow their businesses, and become powerful, inspiring leaders.

As a Master Coach & Trainer, she works with evolutionary entrepreneurs to ensure they have the mental clarity, professional precision and internal foundations to  build prosperous businesses and confidently impact the world. 


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