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Change the Channel with Layne Beachley


“We often hear this phrase, “We can’t be what we can’t see,” but I tend to stray away from that because otherwise we’re just waiting for someone else to give us permission.”

If something has never been done before, how do we as humans pluck up the courage to go out and do it? To say, I can do this, even if no one else has? Layne Beachley has some interesting insights on this concept because she’s been one of those people.

Layne is the most successful surfer in the world. Not the most successful “female” surfer, the most successful surfer period. She has won the world championship seven times, a feat no other surfer has accomplished.

But how did she do it? How did she keep pressing on when it seemed as if no one but herself thought it was possible?

First, she didn’t back down from the challenge. Throughout her life she experienced some terrible challenges, but rather than feel defeated by them, she chose to use them as motivation.

Her ability to use an otherwise negative situation to create a positive outcome is truly remarkable. Listen as she shares her story and what bravery means to her. She’s changing the channel on the negativity and inspiring us all to do the same.


Layne Beachley

Layne is regarded as the most successful female surfer in history. Her dedication to success sees her as the only surfer, male or female, to claim six consecutive world titles between 1998 and 2003. Layne went on to win a 7th world title in 2006 before retiring from the World Tour in 2008.

Navigating her way through success and failure, Layne is a Champion for Mental wellness, believing our fears and limitations are a hot spot for growth and opportunity.

Layne is an ambassador for various charities including RUOK? Day, a passionate environmental campaigner, Chairperson of Surfing Australia and an Officer of the Order of Australia.

She recently launched Awake Academy; an online self-empowerment platform offering no BS transformation, to awaken people to detach from fear, take control and design a life they love. 40 years of life lessons from a World Champion, distilled into a self-paced 7 round on-line course, empowering people to Own Their Truth – to be more centred, connected and confident.

She surfs every day, loves Rosé, and her biggest weakness are hot chips.

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