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Beer and Bravery with Jayne Lewis


“Definitely trust yourself. You don’t have to please everybody, you cannot please everybody, so you might as well make sure that you are making yourself happy.” – Jayne Lewis

Jayne Lewis has a burning passion for the brewing process that brings us beer and wine. She co-founded Two Birds, Australia’s first female-founded brewery, and Drinks Agents for Change, a not-for-profit that encourages diversity and inclusion within the drinks industry.

Having studied brewing at university, Jayne loved the creative aspects of brewing beer which allowed her to bring anything she could think of to life in the form of a brew. Channeling her creativity into a male-dominated industry did not come easily, but she succeeded nonetheless.

Finding the bravery to insert her genius into a male-dominated space allowed her to open up other avenues of bravery as well. By being an advocate for the #MeToo movement and searching for ways to give an equal voice to women, especially in the drinks industry.

Jayne encourages women to be brave by making decisions with themselves at the forefront. These actions don’t make you selfish in her opinion, rather it takes a particular kind of bravery to set boundaries in your life and leave the people-pleasing attitude at the door.

Once you can embrace the courage it takes to move past your failures, view them as learning experiences, and put yourself first – you embrace what it means to be an unapologetically brave woman.

Listen in to hear Jayne’s story and how she’s rocking the boat in a male-dominated industry by bringing the voices of women to the forefront.

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Jayne Lewis

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen are Two Birds Brewing; the driving force behind Australia’s first female founded brewing company. Located in Spotswood, an inner-western suburb of Melbourne, this award-winning brewery typifies everything that is good about the craft beer industry in Australia.

These Two Birds are trailblazing their way into the record books by developing sophisticated, approachable beers that can be enjoyed with mates at a backyard BBQ or on the dinner table with your favourite meal.
Jayne studied a Bachelor of Science in Viticulture and Winemaking and worked in wineries in Margaret River and the US, before seeing the light and landing a role as a Brewer at Little Creatures in WA in 2004. She was involved in developing Pipsqueak Cider before moving to Melbourne in 2007.

She worked casually at Matilda Bay Garage, Dandenong before accepting the role as Head Brewer at Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond in 2008. Jayne has completed a Diploma in Brewing through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in the UK and has judged at the Australian International Beer Awards, BrewNZ and the Perth Royal Beer Show.


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