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Be the CEO of Your Own Life – Brave Rave with Rach


Oftentimes, we forget that the success we realize in our businesses is only successful if we have our personal lives sorted. Our lives are busy and hectic and we can sometimes have difficulty drawing appropriate boundaries as women. It comes down to a handful of basic concepts that allow you to become the CEO of your own life.

Finding space to fill your cup is key. By analyzing where your energy is going, you can find time to devote to yourself to give you the energy you need to give back to your children and your business. We cannot give what we do not have.

Building a healthy relationship with money is another skill that you need to develop before you can make the CEO-type of decisions you need to be successful in your life.

Being in control of your own life also means taking inventory of your relationships. If you are putting energy into relationships that aren’t serving you or giving back to you, it is time to let them go so that you can move forward to the best version of yourself.

Listen in as I have a bit of a rave about what it looks like to be brave enough to take control of your life and put yourself first.

Maybe it’s your turn to be the CEO of your life. Are you brave enough to step up?

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Rachael Evans

Your host, Rachael Evans is the DISRUPTOR of traditional bravery. As a world-leading VISIONARY, BUSINESS PIONEER, SPEAKER, AUTHOR and ADVISOR who is making waves across the globe with her revolutionary RE-DEFINITION of Bravery.

She has led a career of DISRUPTION in male-dominated global industries, carving out pathways and opening doors for scores of women to walk through and stand beside her.

She is the CEO and founder of Brave Media Network, an innovative collective leading a new, paradigm-shifting revolution of IMPACT, SUPPORT, EMPOWERMENT and BRAVERY in all spaces where women live, lead and strive.

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