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Amplify and Instigate with Lauren Lowrey


“You are powerful enough to change your life. You just have to believe you are.”
– Lauren Lowrey

Lauren Lowreyis an Emmy-award-winning news anchor, podcaster, mom, wife, and all-around American girl. After spending her adult years shedding the skin of the religious upbringing she had, she realised that in order to fulfil her purpose she had to reconnect to her spirituality.

Bravery for her has meant being willing to stand in her beliefs, even when they aren’t the most popular and en-vogue at the time. It has also meant being willing to admit that her worth goes way beyond the work she produces.

In fact, a year ago she had this very strong urge to create a video podcast that allowed her to have deep, meaningful conversations with people about all kinds of topics. For most people, creating a video podcast wouldn’t be a problem, but for her it was.

You see, as a news anchor, her image and likeness is somewhat controlled by her very strict on-camera talent contract. But instead of sticking to the status quo, she decided to act on what her instincts were telling her.

Listen as she shares her story, why she was so passionate about starting her podcast, and what it meant to her that a man recognized her bravery before she did. Lauren is making waves in a world where toeing the line is a requirement and she’s truly showing what it means to be brave!


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